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The Wekiwa Hunt Club Community has been looking into gardening alternatives that are sustainable, renewable, and attract pollinators year-round.  The native plant garden next to the clubhouse is part of the pilot program to bring those options to your community.

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2023 - January - 7:

In the areas we service, Simpson's Stoppers, Myrcianthes fragrans (the Florida native) and Myrcianthes fragrans 'dwarf' (the compact), typically bloom between February and March, depending on the zone you are in.  If you want to prune, we suggest doing it in early January

  • Fun fact: in 2023, Simpson’s Stoppers were reported to bloom three times with the last sighting in July

If your style calls for topping the Muhly Grasses, Muhlenbergia capillaris,  January and February work best, although there is nothing wrong with letting it go through its natural cycle. Benefits include: the root ball widens (larger diameter) and esthetic.  Caveats of cutting it back is the removal of natural habitats for some pollinators and small wildlife. The soil benefits too!

Some plants, such as Pentas (not native yet generous with nectar), Scorpion Tail (Heliotropium angiospermum), and Frogfruit (Phyla nodiflora), are sensitive to freezing temperatures, including air frost.  By leaving frost-damaged top layer, the lower leaves and roots are protected

Mulching should have been done already, yet it is not too late to protect seedlings, roots, others.

WHCC's Upgrade Your Garden Today program.

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WHCC's Upgrade Your Garden Today program.


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