We provide as many ecosystem fuctions as the available space allows us to create a balanced bio-diversity

It is My Dragonfly Gardens’ social responsibility to share its knowledge. We practice sustainable and holistic methods to create a healthier environment through a micro eco-system that supports wildlife from the soil up and is also human-friendly.

Core Values

By creating a healthy micro-ecosystem, we introduce natural habitats to your yard. Our designs attract pollinators and birds year-round and use basic permaculture practices to integrate edibles into the landscape. Feed the soil and plants will thrive.

Social Responsibility


Healthier Environment




Community Engagement

It is about the community!  People are eager to learn about sustainable ways to garden and grow food, and we love to share

We are available for keynote presentations and workshops.  Our platform and resources are available to those who has something to share. 


Outreach Programs

Sustainable farming and keynote speech event cover a wide range of topics. Typically, garden clubs and homeowner associations (HOA) ask for this service.


Best practices, higher yields, growing from seeds (residential greenhouse), plant ID, and much more.  Everything you need to know to get started.

Community engagement