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About Our Passion!

We create natural habitats in residential settings and a full-service native plant and Florida Friendly Landscape care provider. Our practices are in harmony with nature and the environment while meeting our clients' needs and expectations. In the process, we want to show homeowners how they can have a beautiful sustainable low-maintenance garden that they would love.

Core Values

Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility
Healthier Environment
Healthier Environment
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Think about things differently

It is My Dragonfly Gardens’ social responsibility to share its knowledge. We practice sustainable methods to create a healthier environment that supports wildlife in harmony with humans.

Management Team

Our passion for gardening began as children.

Kirsten P Sharp - My Dragonfly Gardens

Kirsten P Sharp

Kirsten has a horticulture degree and is certified as a Landscape Designer. Her specialization is in the creation of natural habitats using native plants. She can turn clients’ visions into functional and living gardens. Her knowledge and personality have landed her in leadership roles in the community.

Victor M Ortega headshot

Victor M Ortega

A gardener since a child, Victor’s background is in marketing, passionate about photography, he also enjoys building things. Like everyone on the team, he is about a healthier environment with a special interest in social responsibility and education. If he is not playing in his garden, you will find him playing outdoors.

Together, we nurture nature!

We care, our philosophy is - to make a difference we need to change the way we look at our planet we need to learn how to use plants that grow where we live instead of trying to grow exotics that can become invasive or do not provide any benefit. Florida has a unique plant population that can grow in the sand – with virtually no need for herbicide, chemicals, or pesticides, and very little water once established.

We are in the business of creating nature corridors that can help our unique wildlife flow between all the non-native plants and sterile landscapes.

Our team has worked with plants in many countries and very different climates and environments. We understand and appreciate that by using what grows naturally in an area grows there for a reason – the plants and the wildlife have evolved together to work as a team.

To create that team we need to plant what is missing for the wildlife to be able to thrive. Florida has plants that grow in the nutrient-poor sand and not only thrive but support that wildlife.

To get the right balance you need larval host plants and nectar plants. If you miss one of these links then it does not work.

Florida has an 11% endemic plant population that is only found in very small pockets around the state.  It is our aim and our mission is to help try and keep some of these incredible plants around and what better place than in your garden!

We know what works and what does not, turfgrass is not native and is a waste of one of our most valuable resources – water. By using natives you reduce water waste, chemical use, and also the use of fertilizer.

Natives just need an occasional helping hand to keep them flowering and providing nectar and food for our wildlife. It is our intent to educate our clients and hopefully everyone that visits this website with information that relates to the how-to of caring for native. 

Our goal is to make your garden's habitat something that is going to last for years, not just for a season.

The plants we use are perennials, shrubs, and trees that have been present in this environment for millennia. You don’t need to change them every year. You will have seasonal colors, berries, and seeds for the birds and nectar for the butterflies and insects.

We are dedicated to what we do, we care and it shows in our passion and commitment to enhancing your garden habitat to give you pleasure for years to come.

What sets us apart from the rest and why are we the only ones?


Florida Native Plants

...are about 80% of what we do!

We prefer using native, but Florida friendly can be beautiful too.


Ecofriendly Landscaping

No power tools or contaminants!

You will not notice we are there!


Florida Friendly

...plants are good for the environment.

Add more colors to your garden!

Garlic and Pepper Juice

Muhly Grass Muhlenbergia capillaris Height: 3-4 Ft (91-122 cm). Propagation: By seeds and division Last month a fan messaged us specifically asking for homemade remedies to get rid of mealybugs on Muhly grass (Muhlenbergia capillaris).  So, we began a web-surf expedition, and here is what we gather from various sources! This recipe is made from …

Isn’t Nature Grand

Aquatic Milkweed Asclepias perennis Height: 18-24 in (46-61 cm). Propagation: By seeds It is in mid to late summer when seeds begin to drop from seedpods.  It’s a great time for us, Gardeners, to collect seeds to sow for next year’s perennials or wildflowers.  We refer to this as creating your own garden’s seed bank.In …

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