Restoring natural habitats in residential settings.


Organic Hand Drawing Design


Designs are meant to nurture nature. We create a harmonious habitat for the client and wildlife.

Professional Installation by knowledgeable Gardeners


Professional installations by knowledgeable gardeners.

Seedlings in a tray

Plants& Care

Our clients get discounts on plants, while we keep them looking as intended.

Educating clients is a priority


Education clients, and the general public, is one of our seven core values.

Our designs include more than plants: stone, wood and 100% satisfaction.

landscape design

Personalized and perfectly outlined! This is why we utilize the best systems to draft and plan your project and give appropriate, relevant recommendations!

Fast project

By working closely with our clients, we at My Dragonfly Gardens ensure that the work is completed to the highest standards and within your time frame and budget!

Gardening Services.

Would you love to have the best garden in the neighborhood but you just don’t have the time to take care of it? We offer the maintenance your garden needs on a regular basis, weekly, monthly, you name it!

Educating clients and the general public!

We make our responsibility to share knowledge! We practice sustainable methods to create environmentally friendly habitats that support wildlife in harmony with our clients. It is our commitment to Mother Nature!

Your Garden Needs a Bit of Love? Contact Us Now!

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