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Restoring natural habitats in residential settings.


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Landscape Designing

We use Florida native plants to attract pollinators and birds. We create natural habitats to introduce a sustainable and renewable micro-ecosystem.

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We install landscape designs and permaculture designs. That includes the plant material, hardscape, and parts and material.

Permaculture harvest

Permaculture Designing

A garden for every season. No yard is too small or too large. Many clients prefer integrating the edible into the native plant design! We do too!

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Maintenance programs for native plants and edibles. No environmental footprint. Ecologically friendly and healthy for humans.

Community services

Outreach Programs by My Dragonfly Gardens

Outreach Programs

Sustainable farming tours and keynote speeches cover a wide range of topics. These are common for plant organizations and Homeowners Associations.



Best practices, higher yields, seedling (greenhouse), plant ID, and much more. Everything you need to know for a residential setting.

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