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My Dragonfly Gardens

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Nurturing Nature

We create natural habitats in residential settings and are a full-service native plant and Florida Friendly Landscape care provider. Our practices are in harmony with nature and the environment while meeting our clients' needs and expectations. In the process, we want to show homeowners how they can have a beautiful and colorful sustainable low-maintenance garden they would simply fall in love with.

Expert Advice

We specialize in Florida indigenous plants and are certified in various disciplines.

Our 100% Satisfaction

Native plants have been guaranteed by mother nature for millennia and thrive in the sandy soil.


FANN, FNPS, and AHS. Flip My FL Yard, others partners such as IFAS or UF and over 10 different growers.


Only severe weather has kept us from delivering our services.


We plant them and they come! Birds and butterflies recognize the best food sources.


Over 60 years of collective experience working in gardens! In-staff horticulturist and, all level of gardening exposure.

Landscape Design by My Dragonfly Gardens

Landscape Design

We’ve designed low-maintenance gardens, outdoor rooms and edible landscaping.

Installation by My Dragonfly Gardens


A crew that is involved with plants from propagation, seedling, growth and care.

Hardscape Design by My Dragonfly Gardens


Improve the condition and appearance of your properties with balance.

Plant them and they will come.

We Take the Time to Understand Your Goals and Your Garden's needs.

Landscaping designing in Central Florida requires using a combination of plants that will add color all year round and are able to feed birds 365 days per year. Our weather opens up scores of options, from a landscape with multi-season interest to an explosion of summer color to tranquil shady spots. We understand plants and how they work together. We’ve designed low-maintenance gardens, outdoor rooms, and edible landscaping, among other garden types, that are perfect for this area.

Core Values

“My lot is about 1/3 of an acre, and has over 90% Florida native plants. I have tried multiple landscapers with devastating results as they can't distinguished between weeds and native plants and keep deadheading before seeding. It was a nightmare until I tried My Dragonfly Gardens. My garden now looks just like I envisioned it. I"m very happy now!

Sue R.

Clermont, FL

"I love entertaining in my garden. Dragonfly Gardens keeps is tidy and they are reliable and honest. My garden looks amazing and butterflies and birds love it."

Doris R

The Villages resident

Kirsten was an excellent consultant when I decided it was time to rejuvenate my garden to make it more interesting and attractive. She came up with some terrific suggestions to add visual interest and variety and to improve the overall landscape. It is now a great mix of original established plantings and new native varieties. I really appreciated her knowledge, her excitement for native plants, and her eagerness to help. My garden has been improved dramatically!

Tilghman B.

Richmond, VA

Great plan to use native Florida plants with my existing landscape. Have already seen more butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds visiting the yard. Love having flowers blooming all the time. Great plan! Great work! Thanks."

Linda H.

Clermont, FL

I truly adore this company! From Kirsten's brilliant design to the help with maintaining my native garden I couldn't be happier. Thank you Victor and Kirsten. My family loves the front yard and we look forward to getting the back done when we can.

Sherry M

Groveland, FL

"It was difficult to find a landscape designer who knew about native plants than I do. And even harder to find a gardener who knows and understand native plants. I'm the luckiest woman because I got my dream garden designed by Kirsten and Victor's team to maintains it and help me grow it!"

Lori D.

South Lake County resident

Kirsten designed our little piece of paradise when she worked for Green Isle Gardens with native plant design & installation. We have the beginning of a beautiful native plant garden including butterfly garden & pathway! We are thrilled. It will transform our yard from green grass to native plant wonders. Lovely!

Susan W.

Orlando, FL

"I never heard of using native plants in landscape design before until our Realtor gave us a landscape design certificate after our new home closing! Native plants; how good could that be? OMG... It is our second year and the results are spectacular! Water bill down, have not had a need to fertilize them and new birds keep coming to fiddle off the various berries some of these plants produce. We have an ecosystem we never dreamt of. Thanks to my Realtor I met who is today My Dragonfly Gardens?"

Brian D.

Minneola, FL

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