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Landscaping designing in Central Florida requires using a combination of plants that will add color all year round and are able to feed birds 365 days per year. Our weather opens up scores of options, from a landscape with multi-season interest to an explosion of summer color to tranquil shady spots. We understand plants and how they work together. We’ve designed low-maintenance gardens, outdoor rooms, and edible landscaping, among other garden types, that are perfect for this area.

The believe

Social Responsibility

We thrive on sharing knowledge with the community via outreach programs. Get in touch to learn more.


More than ever, Mother Nature needs our help! Through millennia, native plants have evolved to make the best of available resources.

Healthier Environment

Our goal is to provide as many ecosystems/functions as the client would allow us. We create biodiversity in backyards.


Integrating with nature has become essential. The solutions are right under your feet, with countless benefits.


Plant them, and they’ll come! Natural habitats are being replaced by urban development. At the very least, bring back pollinators and birds!


By empowering our clients with knowledge and understanding, purpose is added to the joy of gardening.

Hand Sketch by MDG


We design landscapes and food forests using permaculture principles. Often, we integrate both in a single plan. It’s eco-friendly, renewable, functional, and inviting.

Edibles by MDG


Eat healthier and affordably by growing food at home. We offer in-ground, raised beds, hydroponics, and a combination of all. We design, install it and if you need help, we maintain it as well - for every four seasons.

Installation by MDG


Save even more money by letting us install your design. Your plants come with a warranty and we will take you by the hand for the first 90 days. It's a win-win!


Hand-crafted with nature and clients in mind. No footprint, holistically, 100% renewable without the need for harmful chemicals.

It's crazy simple!

Small changes in habit create a huge impact in the environment.