Why gardening is getting a youth takeover

Asset - Bring the garden to children

I had an interest in the great outdoors from a very young age. I can remember as a child watching mesmerized as hundreds of baby spiders emerged and spread themselves bravely across a web. I wanted to grow veg but my parents didn’t know how, so I threw carrot seeds in the ground recklessly, hoping for the best. While I tried to fit in as best I could at school, my apparently not-very-cool interest withered – until my late twenties, when I began dabbling with growing veg in my back garden.

Even now, nudging into my forties, I still regularly hear people say “you’re a gardener? Aren’t you too young to be doing that?” While I increasingly enjoy hearing the words; “aren’t you too young?”, the idea that “this” should only be enjoyed by an older generation both amuses and grates.

Thankfully things are starting to change, with a growing number of initiatives designed to create a greater awareness and fostering a fun connection with the natural world. Kids are being taught from young age to add gardens to their play time! I think that is brilliant!


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