Forget about the lawnmower

One of the best ways to encourage wildflowers in your garden is to leave a patch of lawn to its own devices during spring and summer. The chances are that at least some wildflowers will...

Planning your landscape design

Planning a landscape is an exercise in imagination. You need to think, dream, and ponder. What do you envision? What do you like and dislike? For example, Frederick Law Olmsted, America’s first and greatest...


“I've been in this house for I own 1/3 of an acre of mostly natives. I have tried multiple, so call, landscaper with devastating results. It's so hard to find someone who knows how to deal with natives. Since My Dragonfly Gardens started working for me, my garden looks just like I envisioned it. I"m very happy now!

Sue Rogers

Retired RN

"I love entertaining my my garden. Dragonfly Gardens keeps is tidy and my flowers look amazing. They are reliable and honest."

Doris R.

The Villages resident

"I'm the first homeowner that planted natives in my community. As my sight started to fail and could not see details, I tried a few companies but my gardens didn't seem to strive. You should see it now after we hire Victor and his crew. Perfect!"

Ernie Gonzalez

South Lake resident

"It was difficult to find a landscape designer who knew more than I do about native plants. And I hear from friends that is it impossible to find a gardener to take care of them. I'm the luckiest woman because I got my dream garden designed by Kirsten and Victor's team maintains it."

Lori D.


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