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Limited time promotion on pine straw

How to calculate quantity

Divide the square footage of the area by 25 (100 SF / 25 = 4 bales of pine straw)
Weed Control

It helps to reduce the number of weeds when at least 2 to 3 inches are applied.  Do this every 7 to 8 months or until the plants fill in.

Reduces Ph

It helps add acidity to the ground. Most native plants like acidic soil and it also adds organic matter as it decomposes.

Moisture Rretention

 It helps retain more moisture in the hot summer months.

Self-seeding Plants

It helps perennials and wildflowers reseed easier than pine bark nuggets. The seeds can fall through to the ground and germinate.

* Terms

The regular rate is $8.50 per bale installed. This offer is good while supplies last. Orders are processed on a first come first serve basis. Pre-pay is available. May not combine with other offers or reward credits. The minimum purchase is 10 bales. Individual bales are not sold separately. Cancellation must be submitted in writing (email, text) within 24 hours after placing order. No refunds on installed pine straw. The delivery charge starts at $35 and varies depending on the distance. Must order by midnight on October 15, 2020. Full payment is due upon delivery. Refer a friend and get $1.00 off for each bale purchased. Got pine straw already? Earn $1 for every bale purchased by your referral with a minimum of 30 bales.

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