Restoring natural habitats in residential settings.

New Client's Onboarding

What is next and available options

New Cient Onboarding

Thank you for joining our growing family! 

The following information is to help you understand how we work and what to expect, and in your garden. 

Please keep in mind that our forte is Native Plants and Florida Friendly Landscapes because we believe in sustainable ecosystems and how it benefits our planet.  We also believe in holistic practices that add quality of life, which explains why we grow edibles at home, and in your gardens -when allowed.  

In our eyes, a well-balanced garden would have at least 75% to 80% natives.  We guide our clients with education and the best gardening practices. 

Service Philosophy

It is our goal to bring -and maintain- nature to your garden so you can enjoy it all year round, for many years to come.  The appearance of your garden shows the quality of our work, and that is one of the ways that helps us get customers like you!  

The secret ingredient is in the partnership we create with clients to create natural habitats in a balanced ecosystem. 

Ecological Footprint

We keep our footprint as small as possible!  Maybe one or two electric tools and our petrol-fueled trucks.  😢

Stay Healthy Get Grounded


We make it our business to educate clients and the general public about the benefits of harmonious garden designs.  It is a fact that a well-maintained garden keeps us healthy and grounded, whether you maintain it or we do!


We want you to enjoy your garden regardless of your physical ability.  Services are focused on delivering pleasure and the opportunity to share it with friends and family. Your desires become our goal!

“Gardening keeps me healthy and mobile, plus it’s cheaper than therapy.”

Margaret T. 

Are you familiar with the Florida Friendly Landscaping ordinance?

Section 1.b stars with, “Florida-friendly landscaping” means quality landscapes that conserve water, protect the environment, are adaptable to local conditions, and are drought tolerant. The principles of such landscaping include planting the right plant in the right place, efficient watering, appropriate fertilization, mulching, attraction of wildlife, responsible management of yard pests, recycling yard waste, reduction of stormwater runoff, and waterfront protection. Additional components include practices such as landscape planning and design, soil analysis…”  Read more!

Thinking Differently

Other Benefits

Reward and Referral Programs

With our rewards and referral programs, clients save money while keeping their garden looking like a million dollars.

Gardening Reports and Newsletters

After each visit, if necessary, you will receive a status report with comments and pictures of things worth noting.  

You will also find tips and links to educational content that is relevant to your garden on reports and newsletters.


What better way to show our love to loyal clients than to offer them 10% to 20% discounts on plants and other goods.  We work with six native plant growers and over 10 Florida Friendly plants nurseries!  We hand-pick the plants we install and service to increase the chances of success. 

Weed Rating System

Your garden will be rated by the amount of time we spend weeding, in relation to other gardening services. Weed rating starts at 1 and goes up to 5.  Anything above 5 falls under the Damage Control service group.  

We also take into consideration the time we spend weeding and the time we spend doing gardening (i.e. trimming, deadheading, shaping, others).  

Clients that keep a 1-rating get reward dollars that can be applied to the purchase of other services and products.  

Ask us how other clients keep a weed rating of 1.

Our Rates


Most of our services are charged per man hour (“PMH”), and rates vary by level of experience: Sr. Gardener and Jr. Gardener

* Clients with a new installation completed by our, get a $5 PMH discount for the first 90 days, the crucial period after an installation.  To qualify, services need to be scheduled at least bi-weekly during the growing season (our summers) or every three to four weeks during our winters.  This is our way to help our clients jump-start a healthy happy garden.

Out-of-contral gardens and  VIP clients also qualify for this discount, and more….

Other services:

Other services include on-site Landscape Design, Design Consultation, Gardening Consultation, permaculture,  installations, soil testing, winterizing, consultation on irrigation, and hardscape, among others.   These are flat fees and quoted beforehand. 

The online shop will be another option by 2022 Q2.  Stay tuned! 

Payment methods

You may pay with a check, credit/debit card, Apple Pay, and Google pay, in-person, and online.  ACH bank transfer, a more secure that check way to pay using your bank, is available from February 2021 on.  

If a check is your preferred method of payment, the canceled check is your receipt.  AHC and Credit card payments automatically generate a digital receipt that is emailed to your inbox.

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What Sets Us Appart From the Rest, Why Are We The Best?

Expert Advice

We specialize in Florida indigenous plants and are certified in various disciplines.

Our 100% Guarantee

Native plants have been guaranteed by mother nature for millennia.


FANN board member, FNPS member and AHS collaborator


Only severe weather has kept us from delivering our services.


Bird and butterflies trust us, so can you!


Two lifetimes working experience with gardens.

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