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Coming Soon – MDG will be using natural remedies to take care of any unwanted pests and using a natural vinegar spray for weeds in pathways.

Service Report

Hi Pam,

Your garden is looking great!

Below is where you will find the latest report from our last visit on June 4, 2021.

To review older reports or a printable version of this report, check out the Reports Archive section to the right.

Slightly worrying in some areas but for the most part the front is doing phenomenal.

Frogfruit with weedsRating of 2 out of 5 for weeds but about a 4 for grass

Vine Growing on Trellis--Weeding

--Some trimming of some of the bushes that had tall sprouts on the top

FrogfruitThe Frog Fruit along the back side near the black fence seems to be growing very tall

Native Plant Garden Coffee Plant --The clover is still has a presence within the Frog Fruit along with grass

--The Frog Fruit along the side of the house near the Twin Flower, in the middle section it looks very sad as if it wasn’t getting enough water – although everything else on the sides of it are living lavishly

--Photos 1, 2 and 3 are the plants of concern – it seems as if they aren’t getting enough water

--The Coffee looks as if it is getting burnt

Make sure all areas of the garden are getting enough water – especially since there has yet to be much rain

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    • -5 MDG dollar towards the hourly rate for your next maintenance
    • -15% off your next Installation (landscape/hardscape)
    • -25% off a design or gardening consultation

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