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Linda's' Garden

Save money by providing plastic bags before your next scheduled appointment.

Bags should be garden or contractor’s grade and a minimum of 39 gallons, no more than 42. 

Visit Reports

Hi Linda,

It was so nice to meet you the other day!

Below is the latest report from our visit with you. To review older reports, check out the Reports Archive to the right. 


There are a lot of seedlings sprouting!

The front weed rating would be a 1 but the back brings it to about a 3.

There was a lot of dollar weed in the back beds which suggests that the moisture level is high.

  • Weeded all of the beds
  • Deadheaded where necessary
  • Laid pine bark in two tree beds on the right side of the house
  • Two crew members were on site
  • Lots of seedlings are starting to grow from the Rosinflower and Blackeye Susan (both yellow flowers).

  • Found an orchid species in various locations.

  • There were a lot of happy bees flying around, especially around Rosin flowers, Blackeye Susan and Button Sage.

There was a lot of dollar weed taking over the back beds.

Weeding needs to be done along the waterline.

*We will schedule a day to do just that.

Cut back the Muhly grass during the next service.

Around the A/C, there are a lot of Muhly grass with new growth that should be pulled out.

You have the option to relocate it elsewhere or dispose of it.

Zeuxine strateumatica

The orchid like weed we spotted is commonly known as Soldier’s Orchid or Lawn Orchid.

It is not indigenous to Florida and it is not recognized as invasive.

To learn more about this “mysterious” plant, this may be the best source:


The American Orchid Society makes reference to Lawn Orchid by its botanical name, Zeuxine strateumatica.

To learn more, go to:


Here is one more:

https://www.indefenseofplants.com/blog/2017/1/9/the-lowly- lawn-orchid

Interacting with WhatsApp

Kirsten and Victor create a WhatsApp Chat Group for each garden we service.  It is our way to discuss findings from our clients’ garden while we service them.  It is an easy, interactive way to get access to Kirsten’s knowledge base while on the job.  We also use it to document issues we research later.

If you want, we can add you to the chat group for your garden.  You’re welcome to interact or simply watch from the comfort of your air-conditioned room. 

Booking your first service

You may book up to 10 future services online: https://MyDragonflyGardens.com/appointment.  Registration is required for the first time.

Cancellations must be done online 24 hours before the scheduled time to avoid a cancellation fee.  If for heaven’s sake the internet is not available, we appreciate a call/text at least 30 hours before the scheduled time.  This will allow us to allocate your time slots to someone else and alert the crew.

Cancellation fees vary and are based on the number of men assigned to service your property.

Deposits on installations or preorders may not be refundable or a restocking fee may apply.  This is subject to terms of service from our plant/material provider, not us.

Other Cool Stuff

Reward and Referral Programs

With our rewards and referral programs, you can save money while keeping your garden looking like a million dollars garden.  Ask how it works!

Coming Soon

Educating our clients is one of our four services, so we are brainstorming a series of short -very short- video segments to share information with everyone who wants to know.  Stay tuned!

What Sets Us Appart From the Rest, Why Are We The Best?

Expert Advice

We specialize in Florida indigenous plants and are certified in various disciplines.

Our 100% Guarantee

Native plants gardens have been guaranteed by mother nature for millennia.


FANN board member, FNPS member and AHS collaborator


Only severe weather has kept us from delivering our services.


Bird and butterflies trust us, so can you!


Two lifetimes working experience with gardens.

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