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Service Report

Dear Sue,

We look forward to the continued work in your garden!

Below is where you will find the latest report from our last visit with you which was on July 13, 2021.

To review older reports or a printable version of this report, check out the Reports Archive section to the right.

Blanket Flower FlourishingThe Garden has a lot of work to be done... Plants are scattered everywhere in different places. Tons of Blanket Flower seedlings may need to be thinned out. Plants are growing in the middle of other plants.

Weed rating – 3.5 / Grass rating – 1.5





Front Garden View With Yard Sign--Wildflowers are blooming.

--Butterflies and bees enjoying the pollen.

--We removed most of the weeds!

Front Garden Plants Growing--Unidentified plant growing in front and against the house.

--Wild Petunia is growing in the Twin Flower, and we were unable to remove much of it due to the taproot being so deep in the ground.

--The majority of the garden needs to be thinned out.

--A new stake system is needed for the Plum Tree in front of both Firebush.--Pine straw next visit!

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