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The Delery Garden

Save money by providing waste bags.  They must be heavy-duty contractor grade 42 gallon.

Service Report

Dear Don & Cathleen,

Rayna and Victor completed the first maintenance service on 16 of June. 

Please tap on each heading below to review our Service Report.  Scroll down to the Reports Archives for printer-friendly version of this and previous reports.  

Looking forward to reviewing your feedback.


The garden is in good condition.  Either the sprinkler system has been running or the little rain since the 14th of May has been enough.   Weeds were minimal and new growth is happening. We have more questions for the client than recommendations and concerns.

  • The report from our last visit on March 30th documents a large amount of baby Seaside Goldenrod at the front garden. We did recommend thinning it down, yet today they were nowhere to be found. Was that intended?

  • Weed rating of 1 out of 5! …good job, Don!
  • The rating at the back, where the pathway loop is, was aiming to a 2 (slowed us down a bit).
  • We are testing a new product that is completely organic made of vinegar and Dawn dish soap. An unwanted weed was sprayed upon arrival, and by the time we were leaving, the plant did not look good! 
    • This homemade weed killer is safe for pathways and wherever there are not plants nearby.
  • A few Mexican Petunias were still popping here and there
  • Weeding
  • Some clipping (Bougainvillea, Wild-lime
  • Redirect Carolina Jessamine
  • Shoots removals
  • Salvia coccinea (Tropical Sage) seedlings are taking at the back, primarily at the corner between the screen porch and the street wall.
  • Purselane (portulaca oleracea L) volunteered to settle on the pathway, by the loop around the citrus. We opted to allow it to stay while clients return.  Some butterflies love its nectar and, if it does well, could be a good addition along the pathway there.  To learn more, visit https://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/publication/mv118  
  • Overall, the garden seems happy

The following are rather questions than concerns:

  • The passion fruit vine:
    • It is growing over the wall. It could easily cascade over the street side and, with proper TLC, it could look very good.  What is the client’s preference?
    • When allowed, it could grow as a grown cover. It is pretty to see the flowers on the ground.  Some people like it and others don’t.  What is the client’s preference?
  • The non-native small-leaves shrub/tree with red flowers is producing seedlings that are growing happily. Some were pulled because too close to walkways.  The others are around the mother plant were left there. We would not recommend letting the seedlings close to the mother plant stay, yet there is one at about four feet that could create a nice duo.  What is the client’s preference?


This is a concern:

  • The Wild-lime (Zanthoxylum fagara), https://www.fnps.org/plant/zanthoxylum-fagara, did not have fruits. This suggests over-pruning during the blooming period that started in March/April. While not too many butterflies may enjoy the nectar, some birds seem to like the little tiny citrus (see close up image from our garden)

There seems to be an excess of a specific weed EVERYWHERE (see image on the printer-friendly version).  We noticed it in clients’ gardens shortly after pine straw was applied.  Since, we began a research that led us to a few miles before Georgia, where our new suppliers harvest the pine straw we sell.  For now, we need to stay on top of this weed.

  • We did not see garbage bags, so we provide one. We encourage clients to provide heavy-duty contractor’s grade 42-gallon bags so avoid paying our over-priced alternative ($3 for plastic and $6 for paper).  The 42-gallon size fits perfectly in our 32-gallon bin, which is used as a convenience tool. 
    • Please see if a neighbor can drop a box before our next service.



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