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Dear Don & Cathleen,

We look forward to working in your garden!

Below is where you will be able to find the latest report from our last visit with you.

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-The front garden is doing well, there is a large amount of baby Seaside Goldenrod – I suggested removing some of the plants – there are too many to be sustainable.

-Side (back) garden – there are only 2 native perennials left in the wooden bed. The rest were weeds. The other plants in the bed was the Poinciana and a Gloriosa Lily

-The rating is 2 1⁄2 - Don will be taking care of the weeds in the back along the stepping- stone pathway.

-Out the front there is not a lot of weeds in the native bed.

-There is baby Beach Verbena coming up in the side bed and also in the wooden framed bed

-The Coral Honeysuckle is looking fantastic and is full of flowers

-The Weeping Yaupon and Red Bud out the front are looking great and doing very well

-Only concern for the front is the amount of baby Seaside Goldenrod

-The wooden bed will be very bare once the weeds are removed.

-Special care needs to be take removing the White Mexican Petunia that was already in the bed before – even tiny segments of root will regrow.

-Add more plants in the wooden bed – 2 Rosinflower, 2 Stokes Aster, 3 Narrowleaf Ironweed and 3 Lanceleaf Tickseed should look great and fill the bed with more color over many months

-Adding another Coral Honeysuckle on the trellis next to the other Honeysuckle

-Adding more Beach Verbena in the back area next to the wooden bed.

-Adding 2 Philodendron plants under the tree in the far corner by the screened porch.

-Planting 3 Butterfly Milkweed where the Swamp Milkweed was that did not come back.

-Adding 3 White Tropical Sage in the front garden to add some color and contrast.

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