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Coming soon – MDG will be using natural remedies to take care of any unwanted pests (fire ants) and using a natural vinegar spray for weeds in pathways.

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Dear Linda,

The Service Report for June 28, 2021 was uploaded and updated below! 

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Black Eyes Susan in the back garden is coming up beautifully. Everything is growing so amazing! Very few things that are needs to get under control.Garden in Bloom

Weed rating: 2 / Grass rating: 3

--Weeding throughout


--All of the Blanket Flower and Black-Eyed Susan have come back fantastically!

--Baby bunny was hanging out for a little bit this morning.

--The birds are so happy here and having the time of their life!

Dying Swamp Twin Flower--One section of the Swamp Twin Flower in the front garden has completely died back and is now miserable.

--Client says she waters 3x a week and that may be too much, although everywhere else where the Twin Flower is located is thriving.

Blackeyed Susan Flowers

--Next service the Blanket Flower needs to be dead headed.

--Restake the Yaupon Holly at front

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