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More Pine Bark is recommended for the small bed.

Visit Report

Dear Linda,

The Service Report for 26-April-21 was uploaded and updated below! 

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Native Plants in Garden

Plants look great!

Everything is looking green and healthy, especially after the heavy rains that came through.

Native Plants in GardenFront – 2

Back - 3.5

Very manageable with two people, weeds do not seem to be out of control.

Firecracker PlantThe focus of this visit was:

--Weeding of front and back garden

--Trimming of firecracker plant near front door

--Relocated muhly grass still looks healthy

--Weeping Yaupon Holly looks straight and green

--Many bees, wasps, lovebugs and dragonflies flyingaround bushes near front door

Poinsettia in The GardenEncroachment of grass into beds may require edging to ameliorate.

Pine Bark in the Garden Bed--During next visit, edge beds with either electric edger or by hand using root cutter.

--Get more Pine Bark for the small bed.

Fox Tail FernFox Tail Fern was found within the garden

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  2. Signs up for a design
  3. Purchase $350 or more in goods and products. 

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