Clare and Kathy's Native Garden

Coming soon – MDG will be using natural remedies to take care of any unwanted pests (fire ants) and using a natural vinegar spray for weeds in the pathways. 

Service Report

Hi Clare & Kathy,

Your garden is looking great!

Below is where you will find the latest report from our last visit on June 11, 2021.

To review older reports or a printable version of this report, check out the Reports Archive section to the right.

You will also see your Maintenance Plan there for reference.

Your garden is alive and mostly thriving! Beds A, B & C are still in good condition, and we hope to get the other beds up to speed with those. Our main focus this visit was bed D and starting bed E.

For beds D and E the weed rating was a 3 out of 5.

--Thorough weeding in garden bed D and beginning bed E

--Pine straw applied in bed D

--Mechanical edging was done but not removed

--We clipped hedges and cut back Dune Sunflower (garden bed H)

--Sunshine Mimosa was cut back away from the vines in garden bed K

--There are many bees all over the Firebush (ask Victor who got stung twice.... lol)

--There was a Hawk sitting in the trees watching us work

--In beds A, B and C there was a big difference in the lack of weeds from last visit’s thorough

--Weeding and application of pine straw

--The garden as a whole is alive and blooming

--In bed D, the corner closest to the house is still very wet compared to the rest of the bed. Extreme from one end to the other

--The Swamp Twinflower (garden bed E) is looking very dry in some areas. It shouldn’t have looked that way during morning hours. 😱

--The entire area where the Spiderwart is was pretty dry as well.

--Some of the roots were pulled up from the vines and Sunshine Mimosa (garden bed K) – they were replanted and watered but keep an eye on it

--Consider isolating the Sunshine Mimosa in garden bed K around the perimeter, especially along the fence where the vines are.

--Evaluate the Sunshine Mimosa in bed E – we were unsure if you wanted to pull the Dune Sunflower out of there or not – let us know your preference

--The Weeping Yaupon Holly and Buttonsage in bed D are growing into each other – let us know if you are okay with this growth pattern or if you’d prefer them to be trimmed back to separate them from each other (just like you like the Chillings by the front porch).

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Reward and Referral Programs

Each referral that comes from you will place you in our Referral Reward Program.

When you refer someone, they can receive:

    • -$50 off their garden design
    • -20% off their garden installation of $1000+
    • -25% off two Florida native garden maintenance services completed within 6 moths of each other

For each referral that opts-in for maintenance, completes a garden design consultation or completes a garden installation of $1000 or greater, you will receive one the following:

    • -5 MDG dollar towards the hourly rate for your next maintenance
    • -15% off your next Installation (landscape/hardscape)
    • -25% off a design or gardening consultation

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