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Service Report

Dear Jeff and Amanda,

Your garden is beautiful and we can’t wait to see how it comes along!  So, to help us keep track of its development, we have created this page for you.

To the right, you will find a section “Reports Archives”. There you will see your garden design as well as the plant care guide and the installation report.

Above the archives, there is a web form you can use to send us questions and upload images.

Right below this section is the most recent service report, which it is also the installation report that is dated (2 May 21) a few days after the plants were installed (29 April 21).

For now, we hope you fall in love with your garden and enjoy seeing it as it becomes alive!  


Your new garden is only a few days old and looks very good.  Kudos for keeping it happy!

Two plants should be monitored.  Please keep us posted on any changes.  

Your new garden is too new to be rated. However, we spotted some grass growing here-and-there.  

FYI - we rate weed condition from 1 (low and ideal) to 5 (pretty messy).  Anything about that is "damage control" and we hope you never let it get that bad. 

The installation consisted of hardscape and landscape.  

  1. 118 plants
  2. Four trellises (2-combined)
  3. A concrete ramp with landing and your pavers on top
  4. 28 pieces of regular gray flagstones 
  5. Two birdhouses 
  6. We added a few more bales of pine straw to fill in some gaps

You have a brand-new native plant garden that promises to be spectacular! 

Two of the white Tropical Sage (Salvia coccinea) don’t seem to be doing as well as the others.  You will see changes within the following two weeks. Please let us know in which direction it goes. 

The Swamp Twinflowers (Dyschorista humistrata) that are planted on the pathway to the Pool Equipment will also need a little extra water just until they get established.

As the pine straw settles (being walked on and watered), your new garden could use more bales of pine straw in areas where it is thinning out.  In about two to three weeks, either Kirsten or Victor will stop by to check on your garden’s general condition. They will make recommendations about the mulch.

Since the Pale Passion vine (Passiflora pallens) is out of sight, please don't forget to water it as prescribed.  It could also benefit from pine straw to help keep moisture in and weeds down.  If you want to cover the entire area, consider about three bales.

Keep an eye out for any grass that might be popping up along the perimeter of the beds – this will be easy enough to remove now!  Allowing it to its thing could turn into a problem later.  

When we are in the area we will add another Pale Passionvine (Passiflora pallens) to the shady trellis – don’t forget to help the vine up as it grows, once it is on the trellis it will do this itsel

There isn’t research to report at this time.  This section is usually used by the Maintenance Team. 

For now, we'll keep an eye on another Passiflora pallens for the trellis on the left side of your garden. 

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  2. Signs up for a design
  3. Purchase $350 or more in goods and products. 

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