Gerry and Diane's Garden

Remove turf and apply more pine straw where needed. 

Service Report

Dear Gerry and Diane,

Below is where you will find the latest report from our last visit with you. Your garden was last serviced on June 23, 2021.

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Everything looks great and beautiful, although the mealy bugs, the dollar weeds, and the grass is an issue in almost every bed.Garden Bed After Weeding

Dollarweed Taking Over The GArden

--Weed rating – 2

--Grass rating – 5



All beds, front and back were successfully weeded

Mealy Bug Infestation--There are tons of Mealybugs all around the Tropical Sage.

--The grass and Dollarweed are smothering the Creeping Sage.

--There is still some grass growing back in the front beds as well.

The client agreed to make another service of the entire team to tackle the grass and dollar weed in the Creeping Sage.

Alternatively, we can schedule a herbicide treatment.

It’s up to the client.

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