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Visit Report

Hi Clay & Kathy,

Below is the latest report from our last visit with you!

You can review older reports or a printable version of this report, in the Reports Archive section to the right. 

I also added the Plant Care Guide as well.


247 front garden image

Front Garden – There is a very good amount of reseeding going on in the front garden beds. This indicates very happy plants!!

Side and back gardens – We found some areas with more weeds that others, these were removed.

The weed rating in the front and back is a 2 1⁄2 as some areas had more than others.

  • Weeding of all garden bed areas that needed weeding
  • Added 3 Bromeliads into the bed on the right-hand side of the entrance under the Palm tree in the bare spot
  • Added Pine bark in areas that needed it in the front garden beds
  • You have a very happy garden in the front – things are flowering and flourishing! Keep up the great work.
  • The plants planted in the front last time look great!
  • The Sunshine Mimosa in the back is coming in well.
  • The Wild Petunia is growing healthy as well.
  • The thicker layer of Pine straw in the back of the property has helped to minimize weeds coming back as profusely as before.
  • Your Blueberries are super happy and producing a nice amount of fruit – we did sample a couple of them, and they were delicious – the birds think so too!
  • BlueberriesSunshine Mimosa

    Along all the paver pathways there is a lot of weed coming up.

    My concern is that the weed seeds will spread back into the gardens – I would recommend these be removed as soon as possible.

  • Removal of weeds along all pathways
  • There is a fair amount of trimming back needed next time we do a service – I trimmed some of the Blue Porterweed but it needs more trimming and tidying.
  • Same with the Tropical Sage – this can be cut back to new growth to promote more flowering.
  • In the front gardens – due to the prolific reseeding of some of the plants – I removed some of the Giant Ironweed seedings and Swamp twinflower seedlings (that were going to become competition for other native plants).
  • This is something that we should keep an eye on just in case they get out of control.
  • 2 more bags of pine bark for front right bed.
  • Used 6 bags of pine bark, about 2 more are needed to finish the bed on the front right of the house
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