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Make sure to water new plants daily!

Visit Report

Hi Clay & Kathy,

Below is the latest report from our visit of July 19, 2021. Your garden was serviced by Kirsten, Acaica and Joel.

You will find the PDF version of this report on the right side of the page under ‘Archives’.


Front Garden BloomingThe general condition was very good, there are lots of flowers and wildlife activity going on around the plants.

All the new plants installed during the last maintenance are doing very well.

Out of 5, the front is a 1 and a 2 in some areas in the back.

Sunshine Mimosa Garden Bed--Hand weeded all areas in the front and back.

--Removed more of the Cypress vine along the fence by the blueberries.

--Trimmed back the Bleeding Heart vine on the left side off the pathway and around the arch, the non-native Firebush that was in the way crossing the bridge.

--Cut back the Sunshine Mimosa in the back to contain it within the boundaries of the blocks.

Frog in The Bird House--The plants are doing well considering the heat. There are lots of flowers and activity going on especially near the Giant Ironweed and the Rosinflower in the front.

--While I was taking the after photos (I apologize I did not take before shots!) I noticed a visitor in one of the birdhouses! He did not move, just sat and let me take a photo!

--The Lily in the front garden is taking over the plants that are there. We did trim some of it back from some of the natives, but it might need more trimming during the next service.

--The Crepe Myrtle is getting out of hand. This needs to be addressed sooner rather than later!

Calamint Growing Into Pathway

--The Skyblue Cluster vine should also be trimmed back next service to contain the runners.

--The Wisteria should also be trimmed back off of the ground.

--The raised bed with the Basil and Tomato plant has a lot of nutsedges, this is not coming out very well. It might be worth giving the bed a deep weeding to try and remove some of the ‘nuts’.

--The Calamint by the front door needs to be trimmed (very lightly as it is going to flower soon) off the sidewalk.

--Item of interest is the Meyers Lemon - It has two fruits on it and they do not look too healthy. I will check to see if we should be fertilizing it and when the best time to do that is.

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