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Coming Soon – MDG will be using natural remedies to take care of any unwanted pests (fire ants) and using a natural vinegar spray for weeds in pathways. 

Service Report

Hi Kathy,

Below is where you will find the latest report from our last visit with you on July 1, 2021. Your garden was serviced by Addam and Rayna.

To review older reports or a printable version of this report, check out the Reports Archive section to the right.


The Garden is alive and is thriving! Bees and butterflies everywhere enjoying the flowers and Fire bushes!

Weed rating: 2 / Grass rating: .5

Garden With Fresh Pine Straw Application--Weeding


--Small pruning


--Applied 14 bales of Pine Straw

Tall Goldenrod--Ironweed and Goldenrod are thriving and are very tall!

--Tick Seed is starting to spread in many places!

--The Lantanas were very overgrown, suffocating other plants so I cut them back.

Poterweed in The Garden--The Porter Weed had died back by a ton, so we cut out all of what is dead and allowing it to breathe and refresh itself. Kirsten to make recommendations to replace Porter weed.

--The small Fire Bush in the back garden does not look the happiest, it is blooming so I only cut back what was dead.

--Keep an eye out for both the Porter Weed and Fire Bush in the back garden.

--The Red Penta in the back fell to the ground and we cut back what was growing from there to help it stand up.

--Rosin Flower was all broken off and seems to not have many seedlings, we cut back what was broken and hoping for it to grow back successfully.

--We needed 1 additional bale to finish – Victor will deliver TBD

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