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Service Report

Dear Sharon,

We look forward to working in your garden on 15 April!  The gardeners assigned for that service are Nick Santiso (Lead Gardener) and Rayna Liberty (Jr. Gardeners). 

Please take a moment to review comments from my visit of 3 April.

To review older reports or a printable version of this report, check out the Reports Archive section to the right or below if viewed with a smartphone.


  1. Plants are looking healthy and flowering.
  2. Weed problem

Garden beds are rated 2 but the pathway is a 4+.  Spanish Needle are taking over. 

Visual inspection and gardening consulting. 

Plants are doing what they are supposed to be doing: adapting. 

There is no better time to address possible issue than before they become a problem! Here is where we will share them with you.

There may be a good supply of unwanted weed seeds in the soil.  It must be addressed on regular basis.  The purple plant (possibly a type of Verbena) might be smothering some plants.  Simpson Stopper needs carefull clipping to promote denser growth. More water will be ideal.

If there was anything in question in your garden, we will research it and provide you with our findings. For example, if we find an unidentified weed, we will research it and share our findings with you.

Things to Learn

Garlic and Peper Juice

Muhly Grass Muhlenbergia capillaris Height: 3-4 Ft (91-122 cm). Propagation: By seeds and division Last month a fan messaged us specifically asking for homemade remedies to get rid of mealybugs on Muhly grass (Muhlenbergia capillaris).  So, we began a web-surf expedition, and here is what we gather from various sources! This recipe is made from …

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Isn’t Nature Grand

Aquatic Milkweed Asclepias perennis Height: 18-24 in (46-61 cm). Propagation: By seeds It is in mid to late summer when seeds begin to drop from seedpods.  It’s a great time for us, Gardeners, to collect seeds to sow for next year’s perennials or wildflowers.  We refer to this as creating your own garden’s seed bank. …

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"An expectation from daisies, speedwell, self-heal, buttercups and clovers. "

Rita Morales, Head of Gardener

Other Cool Stuff

Reward and Referral Programs

You may reduce your next service man-hour hourly rate for Sr & Jr. Gardeners by $5 when the person you referred to us meets one of the following criteria:

  1. Use our gardening services three times within any 9-week period
  2. Signs up for a design
  3. Purchase $350 or more in goods and products. 

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