Barbara & Jack's Garden

Coming soon – MDG will be using natural remedies to take care of any unwanted pests (fire ants) and using a natural vinegar spray for weeds in the pathways. 

Service Report

Dear Barbara & Jack,

Below is where you will find the latest report from our last visit with you on June 29, 2021. Your garden was serviced by Addam.

To review older reports or a printable version of this report, check out the Reports Archive section to the right.

FairWeeded Garden

The weed rating is 2 out 5 with a 4+ for grass.

Blanket Flower--Removed weeds and dead plants

--Cut back blanket flower to help lift and fill in bald spot in center.

Burnt Plant--Removed weeds and dead in center of twin flower where it looked like it was sprayed or burnt out.

The gardening is adapting to watering patterns.

Weak Walter's Withlacoochee

Dying Blackeyed Susan--The grassy weeds keep coming back, mostly in the back left bed (see recommendations below)

--Nutsedge is still popping up but not as bad as last time

--One black eyed Susan is not looking so good as well as one Walter's Withlacoochee - will ask Kirsten/Victor to check it out.

Install root barrier inside property line to keep grass from encroaching garden beds at the back left.

Things to Learn

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Reward and Referral Programs

Each referral that comes from you will place you in our Referral Reward Program.

When you refer someone, they can receive:

    • -$50 off their garden design
    • -20% off their garden installation of $1000+
    • -25% off two Florida native garden maintenance services completed within 6 moths of each other

For each referral that opts-in for maintenance, completes a garden design consultation or completes a garden installation of $1000 or greater, you will receive one the following:

    • -5 MDG dollar towards the hourly rate for your next maintenance
    • -15% off your next Installation (landscape/hardscape)
    • -25% off a design or gardening consultation

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