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Hi Barbara & Jack,

Thank you for another season!

This page will be update with new features during the next few weeks. 

-My Dragonfly Gardens’ Team

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Reward and Referral Programs

Each referral that comes from you will place you in our Referral Reward Program.

When you refer someone, they can receive:

    • -$50 off their garden design
    • -20% off their garden installation of $1000+
    • -25% off two Florida native garden maintenance services completed within 6 moths of each other

For each referral that opts-in for maintenance, completes a garden design consultation or completes a garden installation of $1000 or greater, you will receive one the following:

    • -5 MDG dollar towards the hourly rate for your next maintenance
    • -15% off your next Installation (landscape/hardscape)
    • -25% off a design or gardening consultation
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