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The Wiest's Garden

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Visit Report

Dear Sandie and Peter,

Welcome to your first Visit Report, where you will learn a little bit more about your garden.  We hope you enjoy it and jumpstarts a dialogue among you guys and us.

My Dragonfly Gardens’ Team 


 1.     A week old and looking good!  Below, in the Concerns section, you will review a few items worth noting.
2.     Healthy plants showing normal seasonal patterns.
3.     Soil texture and plant health indicated sufficient irrigation. 
4.     Some new growth is beginning to show in the area where the shrubs were.

For an overview, see the unedited video in the section below (use the pause to freeze areas of interest).

We use a weed rating to rate your garden on the number of visible weeds.  This rating system ranges from 1 to 5, where one is the lowest you’ll get -in Florida- and rating five represents the maximum amount of weed that is still manageable.  Anything beyond 5 is considered damage control.
Our clients get rewards when their gardens rate 1s.  To learn more, visit your New Client Onboarding page: https://mydragonflygardens.com/new-clients-on-boarding/ 

 During the visit of 28-Jan-21, this is what we did:
·     1. Completed that last phase of the new installation
·      2. Inspection on the general conditions, one week after installation

A Scorpiontail (Heliotropium angiospermum) was weeping before noon today, with temperatures in the 60F.  No other plants showed similar signs, thus suggesting it to be an isolated case.  The location of this 1-gallon pot is near where the old shrubs were.  Everything else looked good!

We inspected again the broken PVC pipe that was previously reported.  There is a sign of water erosion that seems to be coming from the pipe.  There is no evidence the pressure is high though. 
Whatever water pressure is there, is aiming in the direction of the arrow (see image below).

Wiest's Gardens concern from 28-Feb visit


·     1.  Apply a thicker layer of pine straw.  This will help keep the moisture in and control the growth of some weeds.   Although your new garden will benefit from a thicker than normal layer of mulch, the ideal application is no less than 25 square feet per bale.  One bale of pine needle for every 5’x5’ area.
·      2. As mentioned, the next herbicide treatment -spot spraying- will be scheduled once there is sufficient new growth to warrant it.  Please share images with us to help gauge the growth.
·      3. Follow the un-edited video below to apply pine straw along the garden edge.

We found this printer-friendly article about Nutsedge control for your review from Purdue University in Indiana.  Each region has different types of Nutsedge, yet this article offers an easier to read description of the characteristics of this wonder plant.

Booking Services

You may book up to 10 future services online: https://MyDragonflyGardens.com/appointment.  Registration is required for the first time.

Cancellations must be done online 48 hours before the scheduled time to avoid a cancellation fee.  If for heaven sake the internet is not available, we appreciate a call/text at least 24 hours before the scheduled time.  This will allow us to allocate your time slots to someone else and alert the crew.

Late cancellation fees vary and are based on the number of men assigned to service your property.

Deposits on installations or preorders may not be refundable or a restocking fee may apply.  This is subject to terms of service from our plant/material provider, not us.

Other Cool Stuff

Reward and Referral Programs

You may reduce your next service man-hour hourly rate by $5 when the person you referred to us meets one of the followings:

  1. Use our gardening services three times within any 9-week period
  2. Signs up for a design
  3. Purchase $350 or more in goods and products. 

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