Fall 2021 Updates

My Dragonfly Gardens

Here is another quarterly update.  In this edition, you will learn of new products & services and changes of the term of service governing Gardening Services.

Permaculture image by MarCuesBo


We are pleased to announce that permaculture has been added to our list of pilot programs, which include aquatics, fungi, and pest control. It is happening because a lot of you guys have asked about edibles. 

This program is being spearheaded by one of our newer team members, who some of you have already met.  Jonathan is now in the process of connecting the dot between native plants in your gardens and edibles. 

Although we are not ready to start taking orders yet, your name can be added to the growing list of hand-raisers.  Meanwhile, become familiar with what the law says about growing your food, anywhere on your property.  Our role is simply to make it look good and in alignment with what you already have! http://www.leg.state.fl.us/Statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&Search_String=&URL=0600-0699/0604/Sections/0604.71.html.

Client Services @ My Dragonfly Gardens

We recently launched Client Service @ My Dragonfly Gardens.  It is a 1-stop service email destination.  Emails sent to this address are reviewed by various MDG team members.  Each of them specializes in different aspects of what we do.  Oftentimes, the answer you receive is a compilation of knowledge and always rooted in our six core values: social responsibility, sustainability, healthier environment, harmony, wildlife, and education.

If you have not engaged yet, start using [email protected] on your next inquiry.  Client Services @ My Dragonfly Gardens timely and accurately.   No more waiting for overlooked texts and emails sent to individuals!

Don’t forget to add it to your contacts today!

Time by MarCuesBo

Services Schedule

We use two systems to manage all our clients’ service schedules.  The one you are familiar with sends you service confirmations, reminders, and even cancellations notices. 

The other scheduling system allows us to do more!  Features that relate to you, the client, includes GPS location tracking, the ability to store images, comments, and notes about the condition and health of your native garden.

Although we book services for up to six months out, every month, you only get notifications of services scheduled for the following three weeks (current + three).

To help you plan beyond the three weeks, starting in December 2021, Client Services @ MDG will be sending you an email every month with a 6-month worth of schedules.

Additions to existing gardens

Every addition to your garden counts to a healthier environment!

Our core services are natural habitat design, installation, and maintenance.  A perk we offer to our regular maintenance clients is the addition of plants and hardscapes to existing gardens.  We share with clients some of our discounts, which ranges from 10%  and up to 20% (varies by vendor).

Additions - MarCuesBo
Invoice by Mohamed Hassan


We do not invoice on the day of the service.  Per terms of service, Gardeners are not allowed to accept payments.   Instead, you will receive an invoice from QuickBooks ([email protected]) a few days after the service, typically the following week. This is done automatically and after we have completed your garden’s Service Report.  Hours are synced in the back-end (remember the second schedule system mentioned above?).  This technology allows us to keep rates where they are at, despite we still work on your garden for two to four hours our Gardeners leave your property.

On the terms of service you opted in, invoices are Net 2 with a 5-day grace period to avoid an incentivizing hefty 2.5% late fee, due in advance. 

If you have not switched to ACH (bank transfers) yet, like some of our other clients have to help us keep the cost down, please consider it for your next payment. 

You are all familiar with QuickBooks’s security features and we love it as it helps us track payments and issue credit memos, among other good stuff, including friendly reminders.  And it is all automated!

Have questions about your bill?  Send your inquiries to [email protected] to make sure the right action is taken.

Updates on our Terms of Service

The following items will be added under the heading, “Our Right to Refuse to Service” and could have a financial impact on both you and My Dragonfly Gardens.


Exposure to chemicals has long-terms health consequences, so we ask each of you to practice holistic methods. 

However, if you -The Client- uses chemicals (i.e. herbicide, pest control, others) anywhere in their property, The Client shall disclose this information to Client Services @ My Dragonfly Gardens.   Since not all our Gardeners uses gloves and every one of us has physical contact with your garden’s soil and plant material, My Dragonfly Garden has adopted a strict policy to protect our employees and contractor.

Term of Service by Mohamed Hassan

If The Client chooses to use herbicide, the Client must not treat their property within five (5) calendar days before the scheduled service date. Please!!

Please note that My Dragonfly Gardens’ employees have been authorized to refuse to service a client’s gardens -with full pay- if they think chemicals, especially herbicide, has been recently used.  They will document it and might even ask The Client (optional).


Please make sure your garden is pest-waste-free before we tend it. 

Therefore, The Client may be financially responsible for up to three (3) man-hours per Gardener that chooses to walk away or a minimum of $100 for a single crew member, whichever is greater.

Please note that it is about protecting our employees, not about making money!